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TEAM HIGH LIFE FEES (ARE DUE JUNE 17th TO SECURE A SPOT ON THE TEAM) - We will accept later entries providing we aren't already full.


Team fees will include transportation for you and all your gear to and from Des Moines, tote for your personal belongings, 2 team T-Shirts, showers, team stickers, access to a generator to charge cell phones, (or anything else you may need it for), and bus rides for any day that you would like a break from riding your bike. As many of you know it also includes a great support crew that secures an awesome campsite each night and most important they keep the HIGH LIFE along with all other beverages on ice.  


Team fees for 2015 REMAIN at $260 and $60 for the grocery fee for a total of $320 for the week. Individual days are $35 for the team fee and $10 for the grocery fee Total $45. The grocery fee will include beers such as High Life, Miller Light,comparable priced beers and wine coolers if requested. In the past we've had a lot of requests for beers that often cost up to twice as much, so this year we'll still get any beer you want, but we'll require you to pay the difference to keep our prices low for everyone. We will only supply hard liquor by request, and you pay full price - totally separate from the grocery fee. The grocery fee also covers some snacks, water, Gatorade, gallon water to fill your water bottles to start off the day, and ice to keep all beverages cold in the many coolers we provide.  We'll keep a request list on the bus for our support crew to fill reasonable requests daily.  

Looking after the future of Team High Life, we have constructed a liability waiver for everyone to sign prior to RAGBRAI each year. We want to help ensure we can keep this great team going for many years to come. Waiver's are available on this web site to read through and sign in advance of the day we leave. We will also have extra copies available the Saturday morning we leave for those who need them. Please send liability waiver via normal mail following the instructions below. We hope everyone understands our position on this matter.

Please e-mail Tim or Joe to let them know of your plans or any questions you may have. We'll be sending out updates through e-mails. 


Thanks and Good Training

Mark, Larry, Rob, Fred & Tim

e-mail correspondence can be sent to the following addresses:
Team Email address:
(Note: Joe or Tim will respond to your email)

Please send any fees and/or signed team waiver forms to:
Fred Klinge
1215 SW Lewis Ave.
Des Moines, Iowa 50315



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